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The Textile Centre of Excellence has an unrivalled UK reputation in partnership working, as highlighted in the Mission Statement:

To develop and provide access to a broad range of top quality workforce development and business support services for individuals, member organisations, client companies and the local community. Working closely with private and public sector partners to bring forward new learning opportunities, encouraging inclusion and participation and supporting personal and economic development.


The Textile Innovation Programme, which is being run through the Textile Centre of Excellence, follows a series of feasibility studies and will significantly increase the region's capacity to operate in the Advanced Materials sector.

The value of the technical textiles market, which covers a wide range of sectors including medical, engineering, construction, automotive and aerospace, has grown to an estimated £30 billion. New technologies, coupled with increasing environmental concerns, are opening up major opportunities for companies that can create lighter, stronger components, and materials that can sense and adjust to their environment.

Boeing is currently developing its new 787 which is to be made of woven carbon fibre and laminates. The Textile Innovation Programme's feasibility studies demonstrated that woven aircraft components can outperform titanium and aluminium, and the potential market opportunity for these strong, lightweight components is vast.

Another area where the Programme is set to make an early impact is anti-counterfeiting. Currently the high quality textile and fashion markets, along with other key regional sectors like pharmaceuticals, are facing a growing crisis where counterfeit products are accounting for up to 10% of sales.

As an integral part of the Textile Innovation Programme, the Textile Innovation Knowledge Platform has been developed specifically to utilise the latest thinking on next generation of e-Learning and knowledge sharing in association with the Textile Centre of Excellence.