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CE Mark

The CE marking was implemented in 1993 as a quality and conformity mark for products on sale within the European Union (EU), to enable freer movement of products within the EU. By placing a CE marking on a product, a manufacturer is declaring at their responsibility that it conforms to all legal requirements in order to achieve the CE marking. The CE marking is mandatory for certain products, including:

This is not an exhaustive list and the legislation itself should be consulted.

The European commission have published a Guide to the implementation of directives based on the New Approach and the Global Approach. This document outlines the products and their relevant directives for compliance, giving guidance to the CE marking process. Further information is available on the European Commission website, Enterprise and Industry, Single Market for Goods.

Council Directive 93/68/EEC

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) publish information on CE marking.

More information: