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Abrasion Resistance


Abrasion resistance is a major factor in determining the lifespan of many textile products. It is influenced by all parts of a fabric’s hierarchy: by the fibre, by the yarn structure, and by the webbing construction type.

Abrasion is a wear process. Wear is erosion or movement that occurs on a solid surface when it comes into contact with another surface and includes adhesive wear, abrasion, surface fatigue, erosion and fretting wear. Tribologyhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tribology  is the umbrella term that describes wear, friction and the interaction of surfaces.

Abrasion occurs during all aspects of a textile’s life-cycle: during manufacture, use, and during cleaning. It affects the appearance of a textile, but may also influence its strength and functionality.

Abrasion testing must replicate the real-life conditions that a textile will encounter during its lifespan. There are many different options for abrasion testing, though they are all based on similar principles.