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Laminating Methods

Flame Lamination

This technique is mainly used to attach foam to a textile fabric, which is widely used in automotives. As displayed in figure 9 the foam is presented to the flame, which encourages melting; as it then dries it bonds the textiles. This technique has associated health and safety risks due to the release of gases when melting takes place.  

Fig 9Figure 9. Flame lamination. Image from; www.textileworld.com http://www.textileworld.com/Articles/2003/January/Nonwovens_Technical/Combining_Nonwovens_By_Lamination_And_Other_Methods.html

Hot melt lamination

There are two processes involved in hot melt lamination, the application of a thermo-set adhesive, and the fusing of the fabric and the non-textile component through heat and pressure. Adhesive is applied either to the whole surface, or discreet, where the adhesive is applied as a thermo-set, which just attaches in patterns, such as glue dots. Discreet provides greater flexibility due to the reduced contact areas.  

Fig 10

Figure 10. Hot Melt Gravure Lamination, image from; www.beckmannconverting.com http://beckmannconverting.com/optional_section3/full.cfm?ID=152