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Greenpeace publish report on Fluorocarbons in Textiles

29th October 2012

Today Greenpeace published ‘Chemistry for any Weather’ testing outdoor clothing for perfluorinated toxins.

The pdf version of this report is available here; http://www.greenpeace.org/romania/Global/romania/detox/Chemistry%20for%20any%20weather.pdf

The report tests garments from a range of well known brands for a variety of chemicals, as well as publishing the results, it explains how these chemicals are used in the textile industry and their environmental impact.

It is an interesting read for all those involved in the production or development of hydrophobic, oleophobic or stain resistant fabrics.

In a blog posted on the Greenpeace website they ask if it is time for change and a move away from these chemicals towards safer alternatives and it seems some of the larger brands are listening as M & S have announced today their pledge to move away from these chemicals.