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News: Anti-counterfeiting

15th June 2012

Anti-counterfeiting at 'Premier Vision'

The Textile Centre of Excellence Anti-counterfeiting programme, presented its first commercial stage of the 'Yorkshire Signature' programme which involved a presence at the world premier fabric show' Premier Vision' in Paris. The centre showcased the DNA technolopgy on a stand hosted by UKFT. This was complimented by founder members of the ‘Yorkshire Signature’ brand programme, including Holland & Sherry and Taylor& Lodge, showing samples of ‘DNA’ fabrics on their stands too.

Walid Batich, Middle East Director of Holland & Sherry, speaking from the group's new offices and showroom in Dubai, said: "Sadly this region is rife with fake goods with firms having little recourse to quick commercial justice in the courts. DNA proof of origin, easily demonstrated to consumers, will significantly assist all in this market who seek to provide genuine quality."

Edward Waterhouse of Taylor & Lodge, a weaver of fine worsted cloths in Huddersfield and part of the Bulmer & Lumb Group, a founder member of the 'Yorkshire Signature' programme, said: "UK wool fabrics are enjoying unprecedented growth in demand in Asia, as ever more discerning consumers are seeking assured quality as opposed to disposable fashion. We actively protect our brand and trademarks worldwide and we warmly welcome the DNA programme which will give forensic support to our efforts in safeguarding the Group's intellectual property."

The branded stands featured samples of DNA impregnated cloth which the companies supported and promoted as a technology they will be using to safeguard against counterfeit goods globally, especially in foreign markets such as China and Japan where high end customers are demanding proof of origin. The samples exhibited provided DNA at both the yarn and finished cloth stages.

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