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  • polymer granules
  • 3D weaving
  • White weave
  • SEM fibres

Welcome to the Textile Innovation Knowledge Platform

Welcome to the Yorkshire & Humber Textile Innovation Knowledge Platform (TIKP) for the Future of Textiles and Clothing. The platform,  is an open expert’s network of professionals involved in technical textile and clothing related research and innovation across the region, the UK, Europe and beyond.

On this website you will find public information on the objectives, activities and results of the work of the Textile Innovation Programme as currently being delivered by the Textile Centre of Excellence.

You can also find news and links to other relevant UK and European resources in the field of textile research and innovation.

If you are involved in textile research and innovation activities based in Europe, then this is your opportunity to engage and be part of this sector's growth in textile manufacture.

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Whilst this site is now functional, work continues to fully populate this site with technical and educational information that meets both business and academia expectations. We would welcome your comments and recommendation in advising us what additional content you would want to see on this site. Please use the notice board in the about section. (click here)

Bill Macbeth, Managing Director of the Textile Centre of Excellence, said: "We're extremely excited about this brand new website, which has been created as an open network for professionals involved in technical textile and clothing-related research and innovation across the region, the UK, Europe and beyond.

"One of the most innovative features of the website is the dedicated knowledge section, which provides useful information about technologies, material functionalities, market sectors and materials. It's in this section that the science of the materials is explained, as well as their function and how they are being innovatively used."

You will find more detail in the Textile Centre of Excellence's PV Newsletter,  link available in the related documents below.

TCoE Latest KP Site Development News

Date: 03.01.2013

Site update: Geotextiles, Plasma and Texturing sections now added

The site continues to be developed

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