The Textile Centre of Excellence has a reputation in the UK

As emphasized in the Mission Statement

It is unrivaled when it comes to working in partnerships: Individuals, member organizations, client companies, and the local community will all benefit from the creation of and access to a wide variety of high-quality workforce development and business support services that will be developed with this mission in mind. Collaborating closely with partners from both the public and private sectors to produce innovative new learning opportunities, with the goals of fostering inclusion and participation and assisting in the growth of both the individual and the economy.

The Programme

Following a series of feasibility studies, the Textile Innovation Programme, which is being run through the Textile Centre of Excellence, will significantly increase the region's capacity to operate in the Advanced Materials sector. This program is being run through the Textile Centre of Excellence.

Market Value

It is estimated that the value of the market for technical textiles, which includes a wide variety of industries such as the medical industry, engineering, construction, automotive industry, and aerospace industry, has grown to £30 billion. Companies that are able to create lighter, stronger components, as well as materials that can sense and adjust to their environment, are opening themselves up to major opportunities as a result of new technologies, which are coinciding with an increase in environmental concerns.


The new Boeing 787, which will be constructed of woven carbon fiber and laminates, is currently in the process of being developed. According to the findings of the feasibility studies conducted by the Textile Innovation Programme (TIP), woven aircraft components have the potential to outperform those made of titanium and aluminum. Furthermore, the potential market opportunity for these robust yet lightweight components is enormous.

Immediate impact

Combating counterfeiting is yet another domain where the Programme is anticipated to have an immediate impact. The high quality textile and fashion markets, along with other important regional sectors like pharmaceuticals, are currently facing a growing crisis where counterfeit products account for up to 10% of sales. This crisis is also affecting other key regional sectors like the pharmaceutical industry.
More details

In conjunction

In conjunction with the Textile Center of Excellence, the Textile Innovation Knowledge Platform was designed specifically to make use of the most recent thinking on the next generation of e-Learning and to facilitate knowledge sharing. This was accomplished as an essential component of the Textile Innovation Programme.

The locating of collaborative partners who have promised to contribute to the development of shared content in the interest of maximizing the amount of business support knowledge and information in order to boost competitiveness;
The creation of learning that is not accredited as well as learning that is accredited, including recognized qualifications; The participation and ongoing involvement of key players from the industry, in both the public and private sectors, all over Europe and beyond;
The formation of an online "community of interest," which will serve as a platform for cutting-edge communication and educational opportunities throughout this expanding industry; Webinars, both live and recorded, to increase the amount of information and knowledge transmitted.