Encourage and push for higher standards of both the quantity and quality of commercialization propositions.


When it comes to developing funds and achieving investment readiness at proposition close, one of the most important components is the exchange of good and best practice, know how, contacts, and experience amongst the industry and learning institutions. As a result, the Knowledge Platform strives to accomplish a variety of goals, including the following: Assist in establishing links and relationships with organizations, groups, and individuals who might be able to provide seed corn or funding from a third party.

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More objectives

To make a contribution to and to stimulate cultural change, networking, and good practice both within and between institutions and organizations. Contribute to the funding of collaborative research and development projects with local businesses.

Facilitate the utilization of technology in order to make a contribution to the overall growth of the regional economic sectors. Certification of educational institutions. The qualification of personnel; the raising of funds; the drafting of specific projects and initiatives at both the European Union and national levels.

In-depth objectives

Provide information in the form of online newsletters, live feed webinars, information, case studies, and technical information directly relating to technical textile enhancement programs;

a process of identifying and monitoring the requirements for training. Communication of the training requirements to educational institutions, academic institutions, and businesses. Encouragement of activities that match up identified training requirements with available job opportunities.

Live Webinar

In the not-too-distant future, the Textile Centre of Excellence plans to host its very first live webinar. The event will be hosted by Professor Carl Lawrence from the University of Leeds and will focus on the topic of "Technical Textiles UK: Nurturing Innovation and Skills." After an introduction from Bill Macbeth, the Managing Director of the Textile Centre of Excellence, he will proceed to provide an overview of the technologies that are available at the Textile Centre, and questions will be taken live from both of them.


The term "standards" refers to a set of guidelines established to ensure quality. They lay out a specification or procedure that must be followed in order to conduct tests in order to ensure that the tests are carried out consistently and equally in order to provide reliable results. Because they are not mandatory, people can choose whether or not to follow them. The labeling of products can be standardized according to certain standards, which define these methods.

An Overview of the Knowledge Concerning Technical Textiles

This Textile Innovation Knowledge Platform is an interactive resource of information and intelligence in the rapidly expanding field of technical textiles, and it is designed to serve audiences from industry as well as education. The information is organized as follows, categorized by heading: sectors of the market, technological advancements, functionalities of materials, and types of materials.

You can navigate to topics of interest within each of these categories and find information on that topic, including application uses, fundamental scientific principles, and testing standards and regulations. This information is supported by a variety of links that can be found here.